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Clean Production Safe operation Health &Environment Society Learning and Growth

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development

Clean Production

Consider using fewer materials or more energy-saving components in production during product design. Prioritize using non-toxic, low-toxic, and less-polluting raw materials to replace existing highly toxic raw materials to prevent harm to humans and the environment from raw materials and products. Adopt low-waste and zero-waste production technology and efficient production equipment, reduce the use of toxic and hazardous materials, minimize various hazardous factors and toxic intermediate products during production, use simple and reliable operations and controls; establish good hygiene standards (GMP), standard sanitary operating procedures (SSOP) and hazard analysis with critical control points (HACCP); organize material recycling; establish a comprehensive quality management system (TQMS); optimize production organization; and conduct necessary pollution control to achieve clean, efficient utilization and production.

Safe operation

FERRUM understands that safe production is the lifeline for the long-term and stable development of an enterprise, and safe production management is crucial. Around the construction of the "standardized management of safety production" system, integrated and efficient safety management is achieved through risk management, hazard investigation, monitoring and early warning, and statistical analysis. Implementing the policy of "safety first and prevention first", establish internal regulations for the standard occupational health and safety management system, provide accident protection, and minimize risks. Strengthen employee safety education and training to improve employee safety literacy, enhance enterprise safety management level, strengthen employees' safety awareness and safety protection capabilities, and reduce the occurrence of accidents and risks such as mechanical and electrical hazards, hazardous substances, fires, and physical and mental stress. In addition, the company's production sites comply with unified occupational safety regulations, which are ensured and supervised on-site by designated occupational safety and health administrators.

Health &Environment Society

We believe that environmental protection is based on humankind's conscience and care, and FERRUM will carry out commercial production with a responsible attitude towards the environment, fulfill its duty to protect the environment, and provide more competitive and beneficial products and services.
Goals and guiding principles:
● Comply with all applicable laws and regulations for our products and production operations and the company's strict standards
● Establish and regularly inspect environmental objectives and indicators
● Maintain natural resources by fully utilizing or recycling them, among other methods
● Protect employees and reduce waste generation and emissions during production processes
● Coordinate development and participate in improving social environmental health and safety together

Learning and Growth

Employee growth is vital to helping enterprises achieve sustainable development, realizing strategic goals, improving management mechanisms, and shaping corporate culture.
The employee growth plan is a talent development plan based on learning and improvement of professional ability, business ability, and management ability, with regular three-dimensional measurements (ability, willingness, performance) as the result.

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