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Sufficient Capacity Tailored Service Smart Manufacturing Quick Sampling Reliable Delivery

Quick Sampling

Internal mold-making platform

Our research and development design team can provide comprehensive services, both for in-depth research and iterative problem-solving, to quickly meet customer needs with solutions. We provide comprehensive design assistance, engineering modeling, and manufacturing solutions, from early prototype design to iterative development, allowing our customers to push better designs and forward-looking products into broader markets.

Rapid response to new products: Fast speed

Tooling samples 10 days

Machining samples 3-7 days

Develop and design tooling and keep the tooling
know-how and protect customer design

Machining samples Equipment

n-house Tooling Facilities

Inspection Facilities

Engineering Machine

Rapid response to new products: Wide range

Dimension: 0.4-220mm

Material: MnZn, NiZn, Metal Alloy etc

Shape: response the tailored design

Application:many references in different applications

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